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May 2006
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The Baltimore Bird Show
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We went to the Baltimore Bird Fancier’s 2006 NFSS and ASFS shows this weekend.  I was especially proud of our son Mark, who entered two Light Back Finches in the show.  One of his birds (named Ra) won 4th overall in the show, 1st in section and 1st in class at the NFSS show.  He even beat my Black Cheek and Continental Chestnut Flanked White.  He also won 1st in the Youth division.  I also showed one of my Owl Finches.  Between Mark and I we had 6 birds entered in the show, which is the most we have ever shown (This is the third show we have entered).  It was a wonderful way to spend our Saturday.  I also bought some more birds (3 red headed white breasted gouldians, 1 black headed white breasted gouldian, a pair of Owl Finches, a grey society finch male which we are planning on breeding with our grey society hen, and another light back hen for Mark).  We also learned a lot listening to the judges and are looking forward to the next show.  Once these birds are out of quarantine and we are ready to start breeding life will be interesting!

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Men’s vest in process
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This is vest that I am knitting for my husband Bill.  It is made from Classic Elite sport weight yarn on size 6 circular needles.  This is a very easy “no brainer” project that is great to knit when I actually WANT to watch the TV show that I am knitting through!


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Work in progress: Fair Isle sweater
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This is the KnitPicks pallet pattern sweater:  it has one skein of every color of yarn in their pallet.  It is my first attempt at doing steeks.  It is an easy fair isle pattern to follow:  easier some other ones I have already done.  We needed to enlarge the graph of the pattern, and some of the color combinations require sunglasses (IMHO) but overall it blends nicely.  A fun project!


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Work in progress: Red shawl
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I am just starting skein 3 on this project, done with KnitPicxs Essentials (75% superwashed wool, 25% nylon) on size 7 circular needles.  It took a while to get going but it is finally moving along.  Below is a picture of some of the detail of the shawl: