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June 2024
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Balls of fun arrived!
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I arrived home today from shopping to discover that two boxes from Knit Picks were waiting for me.  When I opened them I found they contained all the yarn that I had ordered this week.  I wasn’t expecting it until the middle of net week:

new yarn stash

I have the idea of using the Glace’ pattern shown above as a starting point to design a Faire Isle Winter Maternity Coat for my daughter.  You can see the partial swatch above.  Here is a better view of the swatch:

pattern repeat

The reason I stopped at this point was the yarn I using was over a year old and I was afraid that the new yarn might be a slightly different color.  However, you can get a good idea of the final pattern from the photo above and the detail photo below:

detail of pattern

Now I only hope it will turn out…..

Myster Stole Nr 3: first week
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Posted by: ....Tina @ 6:07 pm

I just finished the first clue, and here is what it looks like:

Mystery Shawl first 100 rows

I think I’m beginning to see ocean waves in the outer edge, and it looks like a ram or a bull’s head is starting to appear.  I can’t wait for Friday to see the next clue!  If I had to guess right now I would say that the theme has something to do with Europa from Greek mythology.

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Mystery Stole Nr 3 Swatch
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Posted by: ....Tina @ 5:37 pm

I have never done a “knit along” before, but I decided to join this one after seeing how beautiful the first two mystery stoles were.  This is my swatch.  If you look closely you can see the beads but they don’t really stand out in this photo.  The actual color of the yarn is pine green (a dark green)

Mystery Stole 3 Swatch CAK

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The Cuddle Bear
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Posted by: ....Tina @ 8:44 pm

After a long time, the knitted Teddy Bear and his knitted jacket are finally done.  Here is a picture of him sitting on a pile of yarn, keeping it warm.  He keeps watch over the shop at night.

teddy bear

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My New Toy
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Posted by: ....Tina @ 9:17 pm

Mom's new tank

It sews like a dream!  I am very happy with this new toy!

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Men’s vest in process
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Posted by: ....Tina @ 7:24 pm

This is vest that I am knitting for my husband Bill.  It is made from Classic Elite sport weight yarn on size 6 circular needles.  This is a very easy “no brainer” project that is great to knit when I actually WANT to watch the TV show that I am knitting through!


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Work in progress: Fair Isle sweater
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Posted by: ....Tina @ 7:20 pm

This is the KnitPicks pallet pattern sweater:  it has one skein of every color of yarn in their pallet.  It is my first attempt at doing steeks.  It is an easy fair isle pattern to follow:  easier some other ones I have already done.  We needed to enlarge the graph of the pattern, and some of the color combinations require sunglasses (IMHO) but overall it blends nicely.  A fun project!


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Work in progress: Red shawl
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Posted by: ....Tina @ 7:11 pm

I am just starting skein 3 on this project, done with KnitPicxs Essentials (75% superwashed wool, 25% nylon) on size 7 circular needles.  It took a while to get going but it is finally moving along.  Below is a picture of some of the detail of the shawl: