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A new Knit along
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Posted by: ....Tina @ 9:26 pm

I have had several people ask me about the Jenn’s Rose Trellis Stole, a stole pattern I adapted for one of my daughters.  Here is a picture of the stole:

Rose Trellis Stole whole view small

I have started a new group at Yahoogroups for a KAL (Knit A Long) on this pattern.  The pattern will be posted to the group (Yarnfeather’s Knit Along).  The group’s name is Yarnfeathers_KAL.  It is hosted by Yahoogroups (www.yahoogroups.com).
The first part of the pattern will be posted on November 1, 2008.  If you are interested please join us there!

yarnfeathers logo small


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An apology
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Posted by: ....Tina @ 9:13 pm

I have not been very good about putting things on this site.  I have been putting information on my knitting projects on Ravelry and I put some more knitting projets on my web site. 


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A new sweater for Bill
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Posted by: ....Tina @ 12:46 am

Here is a sweater that I am knitting for my husband Bill. 

Bills New Sweater

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Attempting a Shrug
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Posted by: ....Tina @ 1:51 pm

I decided to design a Shrug for my daughter Heather. She needs something soft and feminine, but still something that will keep her shoulders warm in the cold Kansas Winter.  Her spot in the “cube farm” is drafty, and I thought a shrug might be the best answer.  Here is a photo of the sleeve as it presently exists:

Shrug Sleeve in progress

I know I have to take the sleeve in a bit, but right now I concentrating on the pattern and will worry about sizing after I get the pattern down.

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The project continues to grow
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Posted by: ....Tina @ 9:30 pm

The jacket is continuing to come along, slowly but surely.  Bill took this picture this evening after dinner.

Jacket Front

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More baby CCFW’s
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Posted by: ....Tina @ 10:16 pm

I was cleaning up the cages today and found that a pair of our finches had a surprise for me.  I was ready to toss the eggs because I didn’t think they were fertile, but I was surprised by finding these two baby Continental Chestnut Flanked Whites.  They are about 4 or 5 days old now.  This is the first day their Mom has let us look in the nest.

baby ccfw

This is the first time these two birds have bred together.  We were a little concerned about the male:  he is missing one foot and we were concerned that he might not be able to breed properly.  Needless to say, he has proved this point….

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The project is moving along
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Posted by: ....Tina @ 7:19 pm

Well, the work on the jacket has been progressing.  Here is a photo that gives a status as of early this evening:

Heathers Coat back

The color on this photo is much more accurate than the other photos.  Instead of using “auto adjust” on the software Bill adjusted it by hand (until I said it was right, of course……)  I am working it in the round with a steek and it is going quicker than it would have going back and forth.  

Balls of fun arrived!
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Posted by: ....Tina @ 5:21 pm

I arrived home today from shopping to discover that two boxes from Knit Picks were waiting for me.  When I opened them I found they contained all the yarn that I had ordered this week.  I wasn’t expecting it until the middle of net week:

new yarn stash

I have the idea of using the Glace’ pattern shown above as a starting point to design a Faire Isle Winter Maternity Coat for my daughter.  You can see the partial swatch above.  Here is a better view of the swatch:

pattern repeat

The reason I stopped at this point was the yarn I using was over a year old and I was afraid that the new yarn might be a slightly different color.  However, you can get a good idea of the final pattern from the photo above and the detail photo below:

detail of pattern

Now I only hope it will turn out…..

New Photos
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Posted by: ....Tina @ 8:51 pm

We just posted new photos of some of our finches on the web site.

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More Finch Photos
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Posted by: ....Tina @ 7:05 pm

Here are some more recent photos of the birds we are breeding:

gouldian pair

breeding zebras

Yellow Gouldian Pair

pair of breeding Gouldians

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Mystery Stole Nr3: Third Week
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Posted by: ....Tina @ 6:59 pm

I just finished the third week’s work on the stole.  Here is a photo of my progress to date:

Mystery Stole Week 3

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Mystery Stole Nr 3: second week
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Posted by: ....Tina @ 7:20 pm

I finally got clue nr 2 done.  Here is what it looks like so far:
Mystery Stole second week

The beads really don’t show up, either in the picture or in reality.  Now I have a day or two to work on other projects before the next clue comes in…..

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Blog ring link
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Posted by: ....Tina @ 4:05 pm

I have not yet figured out how to put this information on my main site sidebar, so I have put it in a post:

Mystery Stole 3


I am contacting tech support with the question.

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Myster Stole Nr 3: first week
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Posted by: ....Tina @ 6:07 pm

I just finished the first clue, and here is what it looks like:

Mystery Shawl first 100 rows

I think I’m beginning to see ocean waves in the outer edge, and it looks like a ram or a bull’s head is starting to appear.  I can’t wait for Friday to see the next clue!  If I had to guess right now I would say that the theme has something to do with Europa from Greek mythology.

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Finch Photos
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Posted by: ....Tina @ 9:25 pm

Here are some photos that Bill shot today of some of our finches:

A black cheeked Zebrafinch:

Black cheeked zebrafinch

Here is one of our Gouldians

Red Headed Gouldian Finch

A Grey and a lightback Zebra:

Lightback landing

Two other Zebras:

Two zebras on a perch

I hope you enjoy these photos:  now that Bill has his new camera I expect more photos soon!


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Our First Owl Finch!
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Posted by: ....Tina @ 7:17 pm

I have been raising finches for several years now.  One of my goals has been to successfully breed owl finches.  After one and half years of trying without success, we finally have a baby owl finch. 

We had just about given up on these.  Now its time re evaluate and re think our process. 

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The Cuddle Bear
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Posted by: ....Tina @ 8:44 pm

After a long time, the knitted Teddy Bear and his knitted jacket are finally done.  Here is a picture of him sitting on a pile of yarn, keeping it warm.  He keeps watch over the shop at night.

teddy bear

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My New Toy
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Posted by: ....Tina @ 9:17 pm

Mom's new tank

It sews like a dream!  I am very happy with this new toy!

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The Baltimore Bird Show
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Posted by: ....Tina @ 11:54 am

We went to the Baltimore Bird Fancier’s 2006 NFSS and ASFS shows this weekend.  I was especially proud of our son Mark, who entered two Light Back Finches in the show.  One of his birds (named Ra) won 4th overall in the show, 1st in section and 1st in class at the NFSS show.  He even beat my Black Cheek and Continental Chestnut Flanked White.  He also won 1st in the Youth division.  I also showed one of my Owl Finches.  Between Mark and I we had 6 birds entered in the show, which is the most we have ever shown (This is the third show we have entered).  It was a wonderful way to spend our Saturday.  I also bought some more birds (3 red headed white breasted gouldians, 1 black headed white breasted gouldian, a pair of Owl Finches, a grey society finch male which we are planning on breeding with our grey society hen, and another light back hen for Mark).  We also learned a lot listening to the judges and are looking forward to the next show.  Once these birds are out of quarantine and we are ready to start breeding life will be interesting!

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Men’s vest in process
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Posted by: ....Tina @ 7:24 pm

This is vest that I am knitting for my husband Bill.  It is made from Classic Elite sport weight yarn on size 6 circular needles.  This is a very easy “no brainer” project that is great to knit when I actually WANT to watch the TV show that I am knitting through!


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